Beloved people…when you read this please do not think ,“Why should we celebrate Police Day? They are after all doing only their duties.” Everybody who is alive has got duties according to their life stage. But the duty of policemen is completely different. The duty that is performed staking your own life, without proper food and sleep is completely different.

If the policemen are portrayed in a wrong manner in the movies, many of us clap hands. Why don’t we join together to arrange for a felicitation function and appreciate them on the stage, and clap more fervently.

Respected friends..! If you are the public belonging to any part of Tamilnadu & other states who come forward to celebrate police Day for the first time, we are waiting  and glad to guide you to do all sort of help happily on behalf of Police News Plus  Digital News and  Newsmedia Association Of India.

On behalf of News media association of India press media club, on this pleasant day 24.12.2022 let us express our love & gratitude to the Police on 24.12.2022 !

To our Beloved policemen!